The use of natural and non-stabilized woods depends not only on a stylistic choice. In fact, the characteristics of natural wood itself determine the compatibility between mod and box, since the internal grip that Nubes will exert on Pico Squeeze will increase over time and with use, until the perfect grip.


Wood is a hygroscopic material.

Unlike hydrophilicity, which determines the ability of a material to absorb water in liquid form, hygroscopicity is the ability to absorb moisture, represented by the water molecules present in the surrounding environment.

This particularity means that the dimensions of Nubes can undergo slight variations depending on the environment in which it is used. 

These particular characteristics determine the internal tolerances of Nubes, which refer precisely to the variations that the insertion hole will undergo over time.


Any leakage of liquid does not constitute a problem and will not influence the structure of the mod and its use in any way.


Nubes is made in three types of naturally treated wood. Precisely for this reason, slight tonal and gloss variations will occur with the use of Nubes over time, whatever the wood of which the mod is composed.

Specifically, a brighter shade will be obtained for walnut and zebrano, while the wengé will lighten slightly over time. On the contrary, all three essences will acquire an increasing brightness following a constant use. 

Wengè prima-dopo.jpg
Zebrano prima-dopo.jpg


Keep Nubes away from high and continuous sources of heat and / or humidity. The temperatures generated by the atomizer and internal box do not constitute any problem and will not compromise the structure of the mod.

Despite the accidental loss of liquid, even if repeated, do not damage Nubes, it is recommended to keep the mod dry.