Memento Mods comes from a collaboration that, powered by a shared passion, wants to give its own personal contribution to the world of vaping.

Strongly linked to tradition but with a constantly focused look at the present, we are convinced that innovation always goes hand in hand with functionality. We do not work to deliver only a complete object or any alternative to what is already on the market, but to create a functional product, unique and with a marked aesthetic imprint.

The production process is manual and we use only valuable materials to guarantee a final result that maintains the highest standards.

We design and produce in Italy, because it makes us proud to be able to contribute to the prestige of local craftsmanship.

We know that the skills and knowledge that our territory has to offer are the best, as the best must be the product we want to reach those who choose us.

Memento Mods, the wooden mod box that will transform your Pico Squeeze.


Products designed, created and tested by vapers


Hand made in Italy


Search for quality above all things